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Say What Friday

Greetings all!

We have survived yet another week. Yay us!

This month's challenge is bingo. The first batch of cards have been posted, and I have to say there are some interesting prompts to get the creative juices flowing.

To add to this inspiration, I give you this week's quote.

"Imagination is more important than information."

Albert Einestein

Do with it what you will.


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Sep. 11th, 2018 01:46 am (UTC)
Tiny fact-check here: The actual quote is "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Sep. 26th, 2018 09:47 pm (UTC)
Another combining of prompts. :)
It has been a clear out some prompts sort of day.

a bit from the longer work in my RP setting, between Shades Alvarez (from Luke Cage) and his father...with mentions of Bruce Wayne ;) No warnings or spoilers necessary.


It was a Saturday, and so Graves had not been at the office. Thank God for that. The necessary reports and paperwork, the signed contracts acquired from the business deals he had brokered while away, were left on Graves desk for him to find Monday morning, and by Monday morning the other matters of business disarray would have been sorted. Those who had failed, who had slacked off, who had caused problems, would be dealt with, new blood put into place as necessary, and everything would be back to peak proficiency as if he had never left. Hopefully, Graves would be happy with that…and with the threats made so that, if production and distribution and deliveries ever fell behind again, the various members of each branch of the business would know there would be more than firings.

Shades was a little surprised Graves hadn’t sent heads rolling already.

There was one more matter that Shades wanted to tend to personally, something that would hopefully address his overactive, wild imagination. His grandmother had once told him that imagination was more important than information, as it allowed creativity, flexibility, and adaptability in every aspect of life. But in this matter, imagination was driving him to distraction and he needed answers. He needed the truth.

He needed to know how Gael was.

During the long months of rehabilitation, the older Alvarez had been kept under sedation while the tedious procedure of repairing the burn damage was addressed. He’d been sent periodic updates during the weeks he was away, but it was not the same as standing at the man’s bedside, listening to his steady, machine-maintained breathing and the constant beep of the heart monitor.

Gael did not need those things, the doctors had assured him the last time Shades had been here, as his life was out of danger, but for as long as they continued the sedation, they wanted to keep watch of those things, just in case.

It was ‘just in case’ that required information now, not imagination.
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