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Marvelous - for a Monday

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, but since Monday's marching on I thought I'd share a post. If I am, feel free to stomp on my toes right back! *extends foot* Ha.

I'm not a huge Monday fan (who is?) but I must say that this one has been a cut above, so far. Work's been smoother than expected and moderately entertaining. I have a plan for the week that's pretty much on track. And I have hope for words this week.

I've been reading some of my old stuff on AO3, and wondering how I ever managed to put out SO MUCH FIC for a while there: 220+ stories in about 4.5 years' time. Some are short fics, but others are 10-15 chapters and 30k to 124k words! Wow. I'm not churning out anything like that these days- every fic is an effort. But the two I published last month went over well, and one of them has substantially higher clicks and kudos and comments than I expect from the fandom it's in. I'm thankful for that.

This week I think I'm going to pick up a couple of WIPs and see if I can give them some attention, move them forward. And I think I'd also like to try to get something short and quick written for my three pairings, in an effort to not only focus on longer stuff. Short can be good. Said the short girl.

What is your plan for the week? Have any projects taking a turn for the better or eating your brain? Any new creative windmills to tilt at?

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And I'll leave you with a flash challenge- deadline Tuesday PM, the reward is having achieved words or art! 
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