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(Super Late) Daily Count Challenge to flipflop_diva.

So sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn't know it was my turn. :o( (I totally forgot to write my days down in the calendar. *drops*)

I just created some icons for a Challenge. No words from me today or yesterday. BUT I did some writing earlier this week. :D 420 words total. That's not that much. But I didn't do any writing for months now. Well, apart from the poem I did in May. But before this my last story was posted on the 15th September 2017. So I call this a BIG SUCCESS! :D (Yay, me! :D)

I have some more ideas for a second part of my story. So I hope there will be some more words later that month. :o)

I'm passing the (super late) torch to flipflop_diva. Good luck and have fun. <3

[EDIT: 516 words added to my story last night. :D (Yay me!²)]
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