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August Rush Day 9!

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood... will you be mine? Will you be mine?

Okay, so, that was a sad attempt at Mr. Rogers, but go figure. HERE ARE MORE SCREENCAPS! Keep them inspirations flowing my friends!

Rules are HERE!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Disney - Once Upon a Time

MCU - The Incredible Hulk


Game of Thrones


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Aug. 16th, 2018 06:31 pm (UTC)
This for MCU Incredible Hulk

Hulk came out with a roar and looked around for something to smash. It always hurt coming out because puny Banner fought the change.

But this time had been different. He could hear Banner encouraging him to smash, to fight the other Hulk that Ross had created.

This confused Hulk.

He liked things to be simple. Smash or not smash.

Banner kept pushing him, but Hulk refused to do anything but roar and stay out of the other Hulk's way.

Banner finally convinced Hulk when he said that the other Hulk had tried to hurt Betty.

No one hurt their Betty.

Hulk roared and went after the other Hulk.
Aug. 16th, 2018 10:35 pm (UTC)
YAY, YOU! ;-)
Aug. 17th, 2018 12:04 am (UTC)
Thank you. That was written on the fly.
Aug. 16th, 2018 09:05 pm (UTC)
Today's graphics: 4 banners, 1 icon

a. AR Disney 9 OUAT-icon

b. 4021625f-8320-4c6f-a475-410a06db8deb-original-banner

c. AR Buffy 9-banner

d. AR MCU 9-banner

e. AR Supergirl 9-banner
Aug. 16th, 2018 10:36 pm (UTC)
You're doing so well! Keep up the great work! ;-)
Aug. 16th, 2018 11:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much
Aug. 17th, 2018 12:37 am (UTC)
Title: Just Right
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters/Pairing: Rupert Giles/Buffy Summers
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 434
Summary: It's time to tell their friends.
A/N: written for August Rush: Day 9 at 1_million_words

Read on LJ or AO3
Aug. 18th, 2018 03:30 am (UTC)
Keep up the good work! ;-)
Aug. 17th, 2018 03:34 am (UTC)
Friendship - Game of Thrones - Margaery Tyrell & Sansa Stark - 176 words
“A rose, to seal our friendship,” Margaery said, covering Sansa’s hands with her own as she handed over one of Highgarden’s treasures.

“Thank you,” replied Sansa. Her heart beat in triple time at Margaery’s touch. Margaery had smiled at her as if she wanted to devour Sansa alive. Sansa didn’t doubt the other girl had it in her. Margaery’s ambition was written across her face.

“It’s difficult for women in our position to trust other women, but I think there are things that you and I can learn from each other and there are ways that we can help each other. With the right friends, a person can go far.”

“I agree,” said Sansa. She had learned diplomacy at her mother’s knee and strategy by watching Cersei play her games. Having the future Queen as a friend and ally would pay dividends later. Perhaps Margaery would convince Joffrey to let Sansa return to Winterfell.

Margaery smiled again and Sansa realized that this budding relationship worked both ways. She wondered what price Margaery would ask of her.
Aug. 18th, 2018 03:31 am (UTC)
Re: Friendship - Game of Thrones - Margaery Tyrell & Sansa Stark - 176 words
Oooh, great moment there; you've captured it well!
(Deleted comment)
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