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Wonderful World of Wednesday

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~


When leaving an area, be sure to check all the corners of the room and your pockets. Who knows when you will find a hidden surprise.


Let's face it, we have all thought about this. Doing it to an ex, or one of our friend's ex. Why not let your characters get the revenge you crave?


August 15, 2018 is: I cannot just choose one! So Happy:
Best Friend Day and National Relaxation Day

Today's Tarot Card from August 15, 2018, from Galaxy Tarot
Five of Pentacles

Lack of Security, Unstable, Scarcity Thinking, Alienation, Illness, Supportive Friends

(I feel this is about me because I have been quite ill here lately.)


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Aug. 15th, 2018 04:45 pm (UTC)
The doc/vet with the kittens is too cute. :D

All I can think of after watching that video is, "WE WERE ON A BREAK!"

Aw, I hope that your health starts to improve here soon! Lots of good wished and healthy vibes coming your way!
Aug. 17th, 2018 04:49 pm (UTC)
I am sure he smuggled them out without anyone noticing him. XD

I tried so hard to find a multifandom version for this song. If I could vid, I would make it, because there are so many fandoms this would work for.

Thanks for the well wishes. About 1/2 the problems come with being over 40. SMH.
Aug. 17th, 2018 04:55 pm (UTC)
Of course he did! My older girl has a job working for a doggy daycare and I swear, one of these days, she's going to come home with a Great Dane under her t-shirt. Hahaha.

I do enjoy Friends, so I was okay with this one. But I know you are so right about that.

Ugh, I feel you on that. *hugs*
Aug. 26th, 2018 05:07 pm (UTC)
a little roleplay bit using the tarot:

“I don’t care what he said,” Cassie spat, parrying another swipe of Lagertha’s practice sword while ignoring the tendril of hair that had come free from the braid at the back of her head. “This family is as much mine as it is his…and I’ll fight for my right to run it.”

This time when she thrust, it was to knock the Viking’s sword from her hand, but that was not enough to deter the blonde from ducking, charging low, and tackling the other woman to the ground. “Against dragons…against sorcery…?” Lagertha asked, rolling away as quickly as she charged so that both women sat side by side now, panting from the exertion of the morning’s workout.

“He won’t let those things be used against me…not if he wants a fair fight…”

But that was just it, and both knew it. Whatever illness, whatever instability had possessed Carl Bruce, that man was no longer her father, not in the way he had been, not in the way he should be. His erratic behavior had created a sense of insecurity that washed through the House like storm waves combing through rocks upon the shore, and someone had to step up, make it right, before there was no family left to save.

Cassie did not really know what had become of her mother. Some seemed to believe there was magic involved, some supernatural force of nature, but as she daily watched Carl’s behavior grow more alienating, she began to fear that he had done something with his wife…or that the women he called Firsts had done so at his allowance or bidding…or else they had overpowered him and taken away his ability to think, to reason…to see clearly.

She did not want to believe that, but what else could she think?

If no one else in the House would stand up to their father, she certainly would. Cullan and Teva did not have what it would take to stand him down. Perhaps Tevan would, but he was a man of words, a politician and ambassador, and he was, thankfully, persistently resorting to words to try to reason with the man and change the family’s course. The triplets were too young, and Conal…

…well, since his Mate’s loss, Conal had not been himself. He was wasting away…no match for their out of control father.

But Cassie had been trained by the best…by him…and if it took fighting him toe to toe, then so be it.

If he refused her that right, she had already made her choice. She hated that choice, wished there was some other way, but there wasn’t.

Frank had offered to take him out…if it came to that, but Cassie refused. Whatever was happening to her father, she did not want him dead. She only wanted him to come to his senses.

“Let us do it.”

Cassie looked up at the dark haired woman, and the girl beside her, who entered the workout room and sat on the mat.

“I couldn’t…”

“We’re not afraid to die.” Thinking Arya much too young to have such a fatalistic outlook, Cassie scowled at the young woman’s words.

Jane nodded. “We’ve got as much of a chance as you have…and we’re clones…”

“And if it is my time, Valhalla will welcome me with open arms of greeting,” added Lagertha.

“Clones or not…you’re people. You’re my friends.” Supportive friends that she had grown very close to since they had come into her care, much more then property or ‘pets’ as some people viewed clones…as it seemed her father was beginning to see many of those who lived in Tigh Ard.

“And as friends, as members of this family…we have as much right to fight for its survival…as much responsibility…as you have. If Carl won’t hear you…won’t acknowledge your right…fails to understand your position…then we will champion your cause.”

Jane and Arya nodded their heads in agreement. “We’ll be your Seconds…Thirds and Fourths if need be,” added Jane.

“I appreciate the support…truly…”

But Cassie had no intention of allowing her women, her friends, to fight…to die…on her behalf. If Carl’s intention was for all of the women to kill each other until only West or Dany remained, to produce a house full of subservience that would not challenge him, then Cassie was determined to stop him.

She’d be damned if she would allow the House of Brigham-Bruce to become a wasteland of tyranny.

And if Matthew Murdock could help her do it, she would rescue any family member her father displaced.
Sep. 3rd, 2018 06:39 pm (UTC)
Nice. Sorry it took so long to respond.
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