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Weekend Challenge: One Liners and Headlines

Welcome to the weekend! I hope everyone gets a little 'me' time in - and some room for creativity, too. Speaking of which, since work has deep fried my brain lately I had to get a little creative about coming up with prompt ideas. And so I've pulled together a list of short phrases - some of them lines from a particular sitcom I happened to watch this week, and others the headlines of emails in my email boxes.

I have enough for two prompts each - so if you are in then just give a shout to say so! I'll randomize the list and give you two prompts. Use them however inspires; feel free to interpret them, reinterpret them, stick all the letters in *another* randomizer and come up with anagrams - whatever works for you!

Achieve some fic or a piece of art with them by Thursday PM and I will write you a ficlet, make you icons or put words on a WIP.

Who's in?!
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