Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

a little bit...

for lack of motivation...I answered some roleplay posts and am tinkering in the WIP (which is basically done) for which NaNo2018 will spawn the sequel...I hope.

Did that make sense?

I want to include some tiny references to something that will feature prominently in the sequel (but which isn't relevant to Book 1), and try to make a few more connections between the two (not sure that's considered foreshadowing, but I want the readers to pick up book 2 and say 'oh...that was what that was'...or 'we've seen that before...' or 'that's what that meant'.

Anyhow. resulted in about 2 hrs worth of time altogether, so that's good enough.

simplyn2deep you're up next.
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