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Just a quick dip in so you know I still exist...


Well, actually I did yesterday... as I was busy getting Game of Thrones screencaps (it took ages to wade through SO MANY GOOD ONES) until 10.30pm last night (much longer than half an hour from start to finish, unlike my amazing co-conspirator, hiddlepinebatch! She's a miracle-worker!!!).

So, yeah, it kinda slipped my mind, even though I knew the day before that it needed to be done soon; I thought I'd give everyone on the 'past' side of the planet (i.e. those of you on the other side of the date line!) a chance to get those counts in before I got onto it last night. And then last night I remembered I needed to get screen-caps, and before you knew it, it was bedtime!

I'm at the orifice right now so I don't have my spreadsheet with me to get it done here, so I will get ON IT as soon as I get home tonight. In any case, it gives anyone else running behind a chance to update their July numbers, so go on! Get on with it now! *shoos them in the right direction*.

SORRY, in any case; I'm on it later though, I promise!
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