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Pool Party Icons - Nine Nine!

So when Brooklyn 99 first came on, I didn't think it was a show that would hook me. Seemed too goofy and slapstick. But then I saw a bunch of Tumblr gifs that suggested it had more to it than maybe I thought and... I binged it in the last few weeks. All five seasons, and I started in June, I think....

If you're looking for something fun to watch; with characters who are interesting and unique, who are decent to each other and patient with each others' quirks, it's worth a watch. It also has the first het OTP I've shipped since I discovered slash, lol. And I have to say- the moment I'm most looking forward to next season isn't the shippy stuff or even the main cliffhanger -- it's the return of Doug Judy. :)

Brooklyn 99: 10/10, highly recommend.

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