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Pool Party icons: The Expanse

It's been a bit of a weird weekend, but I have managed to finish my aim of making icons from the screenshots I gathered from the pilot episode of The Expanse, a show I've recently watched the first two seasons of, and thoroughly enjoyed.

I started off mid-month with ten icons of general scenes, so now I'm moving on the characters seen in that episode.

Firstly, the crew of the spaceship Rocinante:

James Holden

Holden with Ade Nygaard, and Ade (from the Canterbury, the crew's previous ship)

Naomi Nagata

Amos Burton

Alex Kamal

Shed Garvey

Naomi & Amos

Shed & Holden

The Roci's full crew

And now to Ceres Station:

Josephus Miller

Holden6.jpg Holden5.jpg

Miller with Dimitri Havelock, & again with Octavia Muss

Octavia Muss

Dimitri Havelock

Captain Shaddid

Miller's obsession, the girl he was tasked with finding:

Julie (Juliette) Mao

And finally, one of Earth's most important diplomats involved in treating with Mars:

Chrisjen Avasarala

I won't spoil anything by telling you anything about the story, or about which of the above characters don't last very long in the show; all I will say is if you like good sci-fi and you haven't already discovered this show, find it and take a look!
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