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Say What Friday

Greetings fellow word warriors!

Everybody survive the week with their sanity relatively intact?
The jury is still out for me since I still have four more days of a seven day stint to work. Retail sucks.

Anywho, we have five days of the month left. Plenty of time to get toes wet in the neighbor's pool and create words/images in new fandoms. Woo hoo!!!

The ladies running August Rush are looking for help finding screencaps for Supergirl and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, so if you can help let them know.

K has posted the sign up posts for next month's Daily Count and Big Buddy challenges. Go make her day and sign up, so we can egg each other on.

Remember to update your counts because H or K will be counting on Wednesday. Let's finish big this month.

Onto the main reason for this post, the quote of the week.

"Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself."

Richard Bach

Do with it what you will.

Happy Friday.


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Aug. 6th, 2018 06:50 pm (UTC)
yes, I've used several prompts in the same bit lol...part of my RP world...a conversation between Azazael (from HEX) and an angel partially based on the main character from The Passing on the Third Floor Back.

No spoilers, obviously...and no warnings necessary. Here's a snippet:

“I don’t believe you.” Fame and fortune, yes; he knew those were things that Conrael had shunned, although at heart Azazael believed everyone wanted some measure of those things…even if just enough fortune to be secure and their fifteen minutes of fame. What constituted enough of either varied by individual, but everyone wanted security and to be remembered. It was the nature of humanity.

And whatever his personal tastes were, Azazael knew the other wanted connection too. Maybe not the transient connection of fleeting physical hookups and disposable sex, but connection all the same. Azazael saw it in the other’s piercing blue eyes every time they met and it was his perception that the need grew stronger each time. He had yet to see into his eyes this time, but he knew that look was going to be there.

The others might not know, but Azazael was willing to gamble that it was that search for belonging that had brought Conrael here now…to where others of his kind had gathered…to her.

Despite the restrictions, the limitations, the angel had shouldered for so many centuries, he wanted attachment, commitment. And he, like Azazael, believed he would find it here.

An eternity of loneliness was a horrid thing, a waste.

“Of course you don’t.” If Azazael was him, he wouldn’t believe him either. “Your only obligation is to be true to yourself, you know,” he mused aloud. “We are what we are…but the millennia can change us. We are not what we were then…at the dawn…”

Conrael’s hands faltered on the keys, missing a note that was quickly resumed as if nothing was amiss. “Are you saying you have changed?”

There was a laugh and the creaking of wood and rustling of fabric against fabric that indicated Azazael had gotten to his feet. Conrael could feel him there, directly behind him, close enough to touch but not doing so. It seemed that, like Gabriel, Azazael was afraid of contact with him. To be honest, Conrael was too.

Azazael was a seducer, not only of humans but of angels. Perhaps he had changed, as he claimed.

Perhaps he had not.

“Ask her…she will tell you…”
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