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Word of the Day 07/23/18 Armamentarium

Armamentarium (noun)
armamentarium [ahr-muh-muh n-tair-ee-uh m, -men-]

noun, plural ar·ma·men·tar·i·a [ahr-muh-muh n-tair-ee-uh, -men-] /ˌɑr mə mənˈtɛər i ə, -mɛn-/.
1. the aggregate of equipment, methods, and techniques available to one for carrying out one's duties: The stethoscope is still an essential part of the physician's armamentarium.
2. a fruitful source of devices or materials available or used for an undertaking: The new arts center is an armamentarium for creative activity.

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Origin: 1855–60; < Latin armāmentārium armory, equivalent to armāment(a) (see armament) + -ārium -arium

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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