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June 2018 Bingo Participation Banners

Hi, all! Here are participation banners for those who completed a line bingo or blackout in June!

Agdhani - for her mastery of the random word category, and fics using all four cards and 26 prompts!

Angelus2Hot for bingo blackouts on her Cole/Phoebe cards!

Asphalt for a blackout of her custom OT3 card in her Romani Detective world!

To CMK418, for a bingo blackout in the kink and smut category - way to go!

To Helsinkibaby for a blackout on a fluff and romance card!

And to Katleept, for a line bingo on the Marvel prompts card!

Also, CMK418, I have not forgotten your icons - they are coming soon!

Way to go, everyone - thanks for a successful June bingo.   :)
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