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Creature Of Hobbit

They Beg Me To Write Them So They'll Never Die When I'm Dead

Title: They Beg Me To Write Them So They'll Never Die When I'm Dead
Fandom: The Fandom, by Anna Day
Characters: Sally King, President Stoneback, Alice, Violet, Nate. Mentions of Katie, Ash, Willow, Thorn.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for all of the book
Summary: Written for the Pool Party challenge at 1_million_words . When President Stoneback's demands of the author Sally King to write the villains of her novel The Gallows Dance a happy ending led her to leap to her death, and his attempt to recruit the fanfic writer AnimeAlice to write it led to an entirely different ending cowritten by Alice and her best friend Violet, Stoneback knows what he has to do to get his ending written.
Tags: challenge: pool party

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