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Pool Party icons: The Expanse

I have been watching The Expanse on Netflix (so far they've only had seasons 1 & 2 in NZ, and I am dying for S3!!!) and I just love it. It's one of the best SF shows I've seen in ages, and I really want to start reading the books it's based on, but I have a ton of others I should read first, plus I'm a little worried the show won't feel as good once I've read the books, so I'm holding out a bit longer.

Anyhow, I decided that since my brain really hasn't been in the mood for writing this year, I would have a go at doing some icons. I really wanted to make them fit into the Pool Party, so I've grabbed a bunch of screenshots from the first episode (it's almost been worth being sick this week as I haven't felt up to much, so sitting with a computer and trolling through nearly 3000 screenshots has been good!), and starting today, I made ten icons, which means I have done enough to qualify as completing Pool Party! YAY!

I don't intend to stop there, but I wanted to post these ones now, in case I have issues getting back to the others this month. So, to cut me off before I rave on any longer...

Yeah, there's a bit of a blue theme going on there... I'm aiming to make the next lot of actual people in the show, so don't hold your breath, but 'I'll be back!'.
Tags: challenge: pool party, creation: image

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