Danielle Abigail Maxwell (hiddlepinebatch) wrote in 1_million_words,
Danielle Abigail Maxwell

August Rush!!

Hey everyone! August is right around the corner and in August 1_Million_Words hosts an event called August Rush! For four weeks Monday through Friday (20 days total) I and haldoor or really someone ;) will be posting five screen caps from five different fandoms (that’s a total of 100 screen caps to gain inspiration from!) each day. You can use these screen caps to your hearts content! Icons, banners, one-shots, drabbles... if it brings an idea for words, we encourage it!

However, we need fandom ideas. Please comment with fandoms and in one week I will be back to calculate the top ten fandoms mentioned and put it up to poll, which will last about five to seven days. The top five in that poll will be chosen for August Rush so we can prepare for the month!

If you have questions/concerns, also comment here! But please comment fandoms! We need ideas that will inspire words!!!

Have an awesome day!
Tags: challenge: august rush

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