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Say What Friday

Greetings all!!!

I hope everyone had a good week and survived the holiday celebrations with your diets and hearing intact.

It's Friday!!

This means another interesting quote from me, myself and I.

I bring you one from one of my favorite sci-fi writers. He passed away over a week ago.

"Love is just sex misspelled."

Harlan Ellison

Have fun with it.


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Jul. 29th, 2018 07:12 am (UTC)
not sure what the characters were discussing before the interruption...so I leave that up to the reader's imagination lol:

“There is a difference, Athelstan. You know it. Love and sex are not the same thing…you can have both…or you can have either without the other. Those who think they must have both to have a meaningful…”

That voice stopped midsentence, and sensing the speaker in the doorway, Conrael turned slowly to look at the man there. Ah yes…the priest. It was little surprise that the fellow would be one of the first to notice him there. Andrew might not be acutely aware of House Power, but his exposure to the angelkind in the community had undoubtedly sharpened his notice of certain details…even if he did not immediately recognize what he saw.

The other man with him, a monk turned warrior, paused as well.

“Oh…hello…I’m Andrew…and this is Athelstan…welcome to Tigh Ard…”

“Hello…and thank you…” Conrael closed the gap between them and accepted the offered hand, relishing as always the human contact. Andrew’s smile at the handshake, and then Athelstan’s as well, let him know that both were the sort to be comfortable with him. It seemed there were only two sorts…those who were comfortable with that they felt in that physical contact, and those where were not.

Conrael much preferred the first sort.
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