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June Count!


The count for June goes like this:

Image word: 1720 x 1,000. This is up by an incredible 627!!! (with a huge effort by one person making this pop! She knows who she is *kisses*)

Written word: 1,353,274. This is up from the last count by a whopping 185,184!!!

1_million_words Total words to date 2018: 3,073,274!!!

YES!!! We hit the 3rd MILLION!!!

THAT IS A FANTASTIC EFFORT, everyone! You all make this such a rewarding place to be a part of, even if I have been less than present lately. I need to make up for that this month, and as it's POOL PARTY in July, I'm looking out for a fandom that will inspire me - there's plenty to choose from, so check out the pool party tags this month to join in and make some more words!

We can totally reach another great number by the end of the new month!
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