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Bingo: Thanks for playing and congrats to….

June Bingo is just about in the books, only @5 hours left! I’m happy to say we had several outstanding success stories this time around.

I hope that I captured all the posted results below - pretty sure I got everyone, but if not please let me know. Also, if you completed a bingo but didn’t/don’t want to post here then also please comment and I’ll be glad to make you a banner.

Also - with all those lovely blackouts, I’d be more than happy to pay up on the additional rewards posted in the rules - again, post here in the comments if you’d like to take me up on that.
- a ficlet of 200-300 words (fandom and characters of your choosing)
- or five icons — also your choice on the topic.

Bingo Blackout ~ Helsinkibaby ~ for a Fluff and Romance Category Card

Bingo Blackout ~ Asphaltcowgrrl ~ for her custom OT3 Card

Bingo Blackout ~ CMK418 ~ for a Kink and Smut Category Card

Line Bingo ~ Katleept ~ for the Marvel U Custom Card

Two Mini-Bingo-Blackouts ~ Angelus1hot ~ on her Phoebe/Cole Custom Cards

Bingo Blackouts ~ Agdhani ~ Blackouts on *all* the Random Items cards. All of them! Now that's....really random. Sorry, not sorry...

I will be working up the participation banners this week!

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