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Hello there folks! It's that most magical time of year! It's time to dive into new fandoms with the 1_million_words POOL PARTY!

Have you been dreaming about it? Making plans? I have!!!

Here's the official:

Come on over, jump in the pool and cool off.
For the month of July, we want you to play
in somebody else's pool. You'll be
splashing around in fandoms you've
never played in before.

1000 words or 10 graphics in any fandom you
haven't written or graphic'd in before.

The pool you play in is up to you. Just pick
one you haven't dipped a toe into yet.


Do drabbles in 10 fandoms, put together a fanvid in one fandom, just make it new to you!

Comments? Questions? Word wars? Let me know.

My plans are for Stratton. Watched it for the first time last weekend and thought it was so very slashy ficable, and would have such pretty graphics!

What are you all thinking? Throw out some fandoms and possibly inspire others!
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