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Bingo Blackout!

And not a moment too soon either! 


Vlog of Love? - Love letter addressed to two.
1,114 words on Zayne's blog.
Zayne decides to vlog his love for Andy and Jay.
Partially inspired by my 18-year-old's sudden desire to vlog her trip to Whole Foods. I wish I was kidding.

Hot Mess - You're a mess... Yeah, but I'm YOUR mess!
2,101 words
Andrej and James are looking for nothing more than a quiet night at home. However, even this early in their budding relationship, even James knows that’s not likely to happen…
Inspired by Sharpie always referring to Zayne as a hot mess.

Pinned Cowboy - Balacing Grocery Preferences
1,118 words
Zayne finds Andrej’s computer unattended. Making sure Zeklos hadn’t broken his promise to not work on the weekends, Zayne takes a peek.
Inspired by my husband's Pinterest obsession.   Seriously.

In Sickness and Other Stuff - Sick Day x3, Laundry and sorting
2,504 words
Zayne comes down with the flu and everything goes downhill from there.

All's Fair in Love and Bedsheets - Bedroom Wars, Yes... these are the people I've given my heart to, and It's a good thing you two are usually more fun than this.
1,672 words
Wednesday mornings usually aren’t quite like this.
Tags: challenge: bingo, creation: fic

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