scribblemyname (scribble_myname) wrote in 1_million_words,

Multifandom Drabble 2018 - Sign Ups Open

This is an exchange for stories of exactly 100 words. All fandoms are welcome, no matter how small or large, including original works.

2018 Schedule:

  • Nominations: Sunday, June 10 - Saturday, June 16

  • Sign Ups: Sunday, June 17 - Saturday, June 23

  • Matching: Sunday, June 24 - Sunday, July 1

  • Assignments Go Out: no later than Tuesday night, July 3

  • Assignments Due: Tuesday night, July 10

  • Pinch Hits/Treat Writing: Wednesday, July 11 - Saturday, July 14

  • Collection Opens: Sunday, July 15

Tags: resources: other communities

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