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Woo hoo! Weekend Challenge Time!

All right - it is the weekend or nearly so, and that means it's time for our latest fic/art challenge. This time around I've got three items on the menu for inspiration that I hope you'll enjoy. They are:

- Your own personal list of nine, twelve, count them twelve, random words. Not just nouns, I thought it'd be fun to mix it up and include all those lovely adjectives and perhaps the occasional adverb,so... twelve words. Use one, use all, however strikes you is fine.

- A random trope in case something tropey sounds fun for some quick fic or roleplay or a sketch/doodle. Tropes courtesy of tv tropes dot org.

- Obstacles for your darlings to overcome - courtesy of an actual online Obstacle Generator.

To play, just comment that you are in, and I'll send you one from each category. Or, let me know if you'd prefer a couple of extra tropes but no obstacles, or three sets of nine words and one obstacle but no tropes - i.e. feel free to mix it up, up to a max of three for each prompt.

This challenge is open through Thursday. If it brings you either 200+ words or a couple of icons or a banner by then, I'll happily reward you with your choice of five icons or a ficlet to be named later.

Happy creating and good luck!
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