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EEP - It's Monday!

Hey!  It's another manic Monday, so to speak!  I didn't see a Monday post so smack me if I missed it, k?

How did the weekend treat you?  Hopefully you had some downtime and managed some words or pretty pictures.  Me, well, I wound up sicker than all get out all weekend, which was not much fun.  On the happier side, my kid went and did her orientation for her pre-nursing degree.  One step closer to her being an official college student.  I'm happy and I'm sad.  But I'm thrilled for her no matter what the mommy-feelings are telling me. 

And... since I'm doing this on the fly, forgive my sloppiness in getting you the weekly prompt roundup!

Word of the Day (tag list) - Say What Friday - A New World (Weekend Challenge)  - 449! - W

Big Buddy pals - shout out with how you're doing!  I don't have numbers for you but let us know how you're rocking it anyway. 

Don't forget June's bingo month!  You can find the cards here and there are some amazing ones! 

Happy Monday and here's to a most excellent week!
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