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Weekend Challenge: A New World

With June comes at last the favorite part of the year for many people. Children and teens are sent screaming with glee, because they no longer have to go to school. Many adults also feel considerably more freedom during this time of year, especially as they set to the road with their families. So, in favor of the preferred time for most people to take family vacations, I thought I'd give us all a little touring challenge.

Now RL's being a bitca to me, and I'm set to have a cyst removed on Tuesday, so I'm not sure how frequently I'm going to be around most of this week. Because of that this challenge is going to run a little differently. Below the cut is a list of one hundred countries. You are welcome to pick a number, or more, before opening the cut and then find the corresponding country and make your creation off of that. For example, say you want 3, you open the list and find that 3 is the United States of America (which it isn't), your challenge would be to make a fan creation (story, artwork, video, whatever you're inspired to create) that somehow features something American or, if you wanted, was based on Captain America. That's right: as always, you're welcome to interpret the challenge however you wish. So, for example, if France is your challenge, you could have your characters dining off of French cuisine, finding love in Paris, or write something for Missus France.

Optionally, as opposed to picking your numbers before you open the cut below, you're also welcome to just look through the list and pick a country, or more, that interests you. Or you can pick any country you desire, regardless of rather or not it's on the list below, and use it.

And for anyone who may want an extra challenge, here's my humble suggestion: Don't go for the country where you live! IOW, Americans, don't write for America, and my British friends, don't just sit with England, -- pick something different, something you may not know as well, perhaps somewhere you yourself have been and miss or want to go some day.

As always, have fun, and let the challenge inspire you where and how it will! Happy writing, all!!

And remember, despite the name of the challenge, you actually have all the way through the close of Thursday to make and post your creation!

1. Colombia
2. Portugal
3. Zimbabwe
4. Turkey
5. Samoa
6. Jamaica
7. Poland
8. Iraq
9. Dominica
10. Cuba
11. Uganda
12. United Arab Emirates
13. Belize
14. Mali
15. Solomon Islands
16. Burma
17. France
18. Cyprus
19. New Zealand
20. Austria
21. Ukraine
22. Fiji
23. Bahamas
24. Chile
25. Belgium
26. Sri Lanka
27. Romania
28. Ecuador
29. Mexico
30. Panama
31. Morocco
32. Argentina
33. Monaco
34. Sweden
35. Croatia
36. China
37. Philippines
38. Italy
39. Central African Republic
40. Russian Federation
41. Saint Vincent's & Grenadines
42. Egypt
43. Thailand
44. Korea
45. Bermuda
46. Finland
47. Hungary
48. Bosnia
49. Jordan
50. Cambodia
51. Pakistan
52. Bangladesh
53. Malaysia
54. Madagascar
55. Congo
56. Cape Verde
57. Ethiopia
58. Canada
59. Australia
60. Georgia
61. Iran
62. Nigeria
63. Somalia
64. Singapore
65. Greece
66. Peru
67. Haiti
68. Cayman Islands
69. Iceland
70. Spain
71. Afghanistan
72. Germany
73. Japan
74. El Salvador
75. Switzerland
76. Norway
77. Korea
78. Israel
79. India
80. Bulgaria
81. Kenya
82. Vietnam
83. Venezuela
84. Honduras
85. Saudi Arabia
86. Netherlands
87. Great Britain
88. United States of America (USA)
89. Algeria
90. Costa Rica
91. Brazil
92. Denmark
93. Swaziland
94. South Africa
95. Ireland
96. Scotland
97. Canada
98. Australia
99. Greenland
100. France
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