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Welcome to June, everyone! It's time to play some bingo. We have many cards for you to enjoy - hope they inspire art and fic and maybe a smile or two.

Huge thanks to craterdweller for her great help in making cards and prompts - without her, this challenge would have started late and not be half as lovely in its results. Thanks!!

And here goes!
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Fluff and Romance

Random Items

Kink and Smut

Image Prompts

Images 2x2 1
Images 2x2 2

Images 3x3 1

Images 3x3 2

AND FOR THE CUSTOM CARDS: For those who provided fandoms and/or pairings for custom cards, here they are.

Agdhani suggested Marvel Universe prompts. I believe from her post that she meant the cards to be available to all, so have at ‘em!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

marvel prompts
Avengers Prompts

The Avengers prompts went a little darker, the Marvel ones are all kind of lighter, summer-fun prompts. If you have Marvel characters for which you would rather write the prompts on that 3x3 card, I’m going to say go for it- don’t consider the 3x3 restricted to the Avengers, just consider all this to be full-on Marvel U.

Angelus, of your pairings the two I worked up cards for are...
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Buffy and James T

James T. and Buffy might be my favorite idea all year, lol. Hope you like it.

I don’t know Charmed at all, so also hope the prompts work for you! I got all kinds of angsty from what I read so that’s where I went for prompts.

Asphalt, hope you'll like this 3x3...
[Spoiler (click to open)]

asphalt 3x3

The background of Andy thinking of his guys may be angsty, but I hope the prompts give you some ideas for quick, easy ways to get them into and right back out of trouble with each other. ;).

Also, asphaltcowgrrl -- finally, the Destiel cards!
I also have two Dean/Cas cards coming- so sorry for the delay of a few hours, hope you won't mind.

Bizarra, here are cards we hope will inspire fic and art…
[Spoiler (click to open)]

janeway chakotay

aeryn john
aeryn sun

CMK418, hope you like these, too...
[Spoiler (click to open)]

faith lehane

mal reynolds
zoe washburne

Crater, Dean cards from your suggestion…
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Dean 3x3

I have some Eleanor/The Good Place cards on the way in a few, sorry for the delay!

Sharpie, I think Craterdweller has some Bones/Chekov prompts that could inspire....

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Plus, a bit of space guy/detective boyfriend, too!

And Simply, I hope I adequately got all Sterek and McDanno on these...
[Spoiler (click to open)]

sterek 3x3


Last but not least, the fine print: Fills, Rules and Deadline!
[Spoiler (click to open)]
2x2 Bingo
1 Square – Fill 1 prompt on a chosen card
Doubles – Complete 2 prompts on that card
Blackout – Fill all 4 prompts on that card

3x3 Bingo
1 Square – Fill 1 prompt on your card
Line – Complete 3 prompts in any one line: across, down, diagonal
Corners – Fill 4 prompts in the corners of said card
Blackout – Complete all 9 prompts of said card

What constitutes a fill?
Words: At least 100 words per prompt, of any sort: Fic, non-fic (meta, journal entry, RPF). You can use prompts alone or combine them in a single work - 2 prompts in one work requires that work to be 200+ words long to qualify, and so on.

Make 2 icons per prompt
Make 1 Wallpaper or other-type 'large' banner or image
Make 1 Gifset

Interpret the prompts however you wish: There’s no wrong or right, only your interpretation.

Bingos must be completed by Sunday, July 1st at 11:59pm US EDT. You can post anywhere you prefer: here, AO3, journal, personal blog. We're on the honor-system, no need to link us to them if you don't feel like it -- but it'd be most

appreciated if you'd share them here on this post, or with a post of your own on 1-million-words so we can all squee for you and share in the bingo joy. Whatever you choose to do in that regard, do comment here by 7/2 to say you achieved a bingo and which card and bingo type you achieved so we can do up a reward for you!

Speaking of which....rewards! They are:

2x2 cards
1 Square - a June 2018 Bingo icon
2 squares - a personalized participation banner
2x2 bingo blackout - a personalized bingo mini-blackout banner

3x3 cards
Line - a personalized participation banner
Corners - a personalized participation banner
Blackout - a personalized bingo blackout banner, and one of these two options:
- a ficlet of 200-300 words (fandom and characters or theme of your choosing)
- 5 icons (fandom and characters or other theme of your choosing).

Thanks, good luck, and happy creating!


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Jun. 1st, 2018 05:21 pm (UTC)

And good lord, you're killing me with those prompts - THANK YOU! (And yes, a few of them made me laugh so there will be some fluff with the angst!)

Te iubesc, mulțumesc!

(Looking forward to the Dean/Cas card, too! That's something that's worth waiting for.)
Jun. 1st, 2018 05:59 pm (UTC)
Ah, I'm glad you like. :) A side of Destiel is on the way...
(no subject) - asphaltcowgrrl - Jun. 1st, 2018 08:03 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - thatwasjustadream.dreamwidth.org - Jun. 1st, 2018 08:14 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - asphaltcowgrrl - Jun. 1st, 2018 08:44 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 1st, 2018 05:34 pm (UTC)
The sterek movie AUs might be tricky, but I can do at least 1 square.

The McDanno and Grace ones are great!
Jun. 1st, 2018 06:02 pm (UTC)
Ah, I wondered - I thought maybe something different might appeal. Glad there's at least one square of interest, and who knows maybe something else will pop for you. I wrote a 200-wordish Dean/Cas "Pretty Woman" once that kind of arrived out of absolutely nowhere, lol.

Glad you like the other two, I love those pics.
Jun. 1st, 2018 05:34 pm (UTC)
Can we combine cards...because the compulsion to fit the 'random things' into one fic...or combine them with the Marvelverse prompts...is a tempting challenge ;)
Jun. 1st, 2018 06:03 pm (UTC)
I hadn't thought of doing it combining, but you know I think i'm fine with that- i'll add it to the opening paragraph and the rules.

So basically any 9 fills or 900 words is a blackout, 3 fills or 300 words is a bingo, 4 squares or 400 words is a mini-bingo blackout. Do I have the concept right?
(no subject) - agdhani - Jun. 1st, 2018 06:11 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - thatwasjustadream.dreamwidth.org - Jun. 1st, 2018 06:23 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - agdhani - Jun. 1st, 2018 06:59 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 1st, 2018 06:36 pm (UTC)
This looks to be a lot of fun. Thanks to Crater for the Bones/Chekov and Trip/H cards. Nice job done all around.
Jun. 1st, 2018 08:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you! So many bunnies- hope you enjoy!
Jun. 1st, 2018 10:06 pm (UTC)
Some great cards here! I think I may even try something to get my writing juices going. It's been so long, I really need to just open up a blank doc and give something a go! ;-)
Jun. 2nd, 2018 02:02 am (UTC)
Glad you like! I so know what you mean - haven't had a writing logjam like the one I'm in now since I started writing in '11. :\ Hopefully it starts to turn around, I miss it.
(no subject) - haldoor - Jun. 8th, 2018 03:14 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - thatwasjustadream.dreamwidth.org - Jun. 9th, 2018 02:15 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - haldoor - Jun. 10th, 2018 08:58 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 2nd, 2018 12:48 am (UTC)
OMG those cards are beautiful! I will do my best to work on those prompts... they're some great ones!!!
Jun. 2nd, 2018 02:03 am (UTC)
Excellent! Glad they work for you. :)
Jun. 2nd, 2018 01:08 am (UTC)
These are great. I love the personalized ones. They are so pretty and I get to write about some of my favorite characters. Thank you!
Jun. 2nd, 2018 02:03 am (UTC)
Glad the cards are going over well. :) Enjoy!
Jun. 2nd, 2018 01:44 am (UTC)
OMG! The cards are all kinds of gorgeous! I have plot bunnies hopping everywhere! Thank you so very much!

Jun. 2nd, 2018 02:05 am (UTC)
Yay! :) Glad to hear it and may the bunnies be fruitful, lol.
Jun. 2nd, 2018 12:17 pm (UTC)
I can tell you right now that I’m going to be all over that second 3x3 fluff/romance card! Thanks for all the hard work!
Jun. 2nd, 2018 08:20 pm (UTC)
Excellent, and thank you! I kind of like the way the fluff cards came out, myself.
Jun. 3rd, 2018 01:53 pm (UTC)
I LOVE these! Love, love, love so many of these! Now I have the difficult choice of which card to do first. 😁 Because I can totally finish a few with my crazy daily word count!
Jun. 4th, 2018 01:54 am (UTC)
Sweeet! Very glad you like. :). I am going to pick a couple for myself, once I finish a WIP. Have fun!
Jun. 9th, 2018 02:31 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna tackle as many things as I can today...
Fandom: Legion/Hemlock Grove
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Card #1 Random things

“I couldn’t let him through…to the other side…or me,” David muttered, trying to explain the failure to cross back into the world on the outside, where Carl waited for her.

Not them. David felt pretty certain Carl did not want him there.

“I know…”

The lighthouse door looked to be locked, abandoned save for the ever-sweeping light, but there was a pocket knife stuck into the lock as if someone had tried to use it as a key to pick the thing, and a large rusted paperclip lay upon the ground. Sharing another look between them, Tamara jiggled the handle to test it.

They were surprised that the latch clicked and the door swung open effortlessly.

“Is it weird that this is like a video game…where what we need is right there…right when we need it?”

Tamara grunted. “All of this is weird.”

“True.” David could not argue with that.

Inside was warm, the heat knocking through the pipes of an old radiant heating system, the water coming from…and being pushed through by…some source that was not immediately obvious. An old, cast iron stove, sink, and ice box were pressed against one wall, a dirty grey table and two metal chairs sat nearby, and at the far side of the room, not so far really as the whole space looked to be perhaps 20 x 20, a narrow bed piled thick with blankets was visible behind a partially drawn curtain. A wool rug or black and gray and red spread near one of the heating units, and that was where David chose to lay Peter, where he might be warmest.

At least there appeared to be no new blood.

In fact, Tamara noted with a frown, the bandaging around the animal’s shoulder did not appear bloody at all. She knelt to examine him and David moved awkwardly away, preferring instead to look through the cupboards on the wall and through the doors of the desk, armoire, and workbench that rounded out the furnishings in the room.
Jun. 9th, 2018 02:58 pm (UTC)
Random Things #2: (also Legion/Hemlock Grove; no spoilers or warnings necessary...rated g still)

“Did I do all of that? Kill all of those people? They were Program, I know…but I didn’t want them to…did I…?”

“People died…yes.” Was it David’s fault? Hell, he had not even known who he was…what he was? How could a clone be anything other than what it was created to be without guidance, without instruction?

Those deaths were on the heads of the one who had planted the parasite in David’s head. The people who had manufactured and molded him to be a killer.

David scrubbed his face with both hands. “It was like he took me out of the box to play with…like a toy…like a pet…and things would happen, and then it would be dark again. I screamed, but no one heard…”

“I heard…” She sat at the table opposite him, noting the zodiac symbols etched into the metal tabletop, hunger awakening in her belly for the first time in what felt to be days without food. “And I think Peter did too.” Peter had been the one to find David after all. Peter had been the one to lead her here…though he had not pulled her through the wall. She had no idea how that had happened.

“I know you did…I tried to warn you…tried to keep you away…”

“Why?” Her fingers brushed over the back of his hand, the touch enough to reduce his agitation.

“He…I…we…” His head shook again as he pushed around his scrambled eggs with the fork, and then lifted so that he could stare at her. “You know me. You said my name…”

“David Haller…yes…”
Jun. 9th, 2018 04:20 pm (UTC)
Random Things #3 (Legion...mostly...no spoilers or warnings necessary)

With a sigh of even deeper relief, David dug into his still steaming eggs. Tamara did likewise, wondering what he was thinking, wondering what they were supposed to do next. It was peaceful here, with no apparent threat nipping at their heels, and as she had always wanted to live in a lighthouse, this seemed the ideal place to hide, to regroup, to let David recharge his psychic batteries as they tried to make a new plan.

“And him? Was he real too?”


“You know…in the car? My imaginary…did I make him up or is he another parasite?”

“I don’t know what he is. I talked with him a lot when I was younger…when my step-father used to…when I had no one else to…” Sharing an imaginary friend with a clone who had not come into being until a few short years ago was hardly the oddest thing she had experienced. “We used to pick shells on the beach and sort them on the blanket by colors and sizes and quality…pick wild flowers and dandelion fairies for my mother’s vase. I never saw him…but he was there.”

He was there in a thousand paintings on museum walls, in the whir of the baseball her brothers would throw past her head just to scare her, there in the tinkling piano keys on the bench beside her when she had been taught to play her very first instrument until the day her teacher, after trying to take advantage of the little girl, had been found strangled with her own shoelace. She had known he was there, had kept her safe, but never had he worn a face…until now.

“Even then I knew I had…gifts…I thought he was a ghost…a spirit…”

“Better hearing ghosts then having a head full of voices…”

“I’d wager most of those were from the outside pressing in.”

“You mean…hearing peoples thoughts?” That made so much more sense to David, it explained so much…him knowing things…him being sure someone had spoken to him when they hadn’t. He wondered, if he tried hard, if he could hear her now…

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” she scolded with a small smile.

He wondered, as he sat back with an embarrassed, sideways grin, if she could hear him too…or if she just knew when he tried. If she just knew him so much better than he seemed to know himself.
Jun. 9th, 2018 05:11 pm (UTC)
Random Things #4 (Constantine. no spoilers or warnings necessary; rated PG...because he drinks too much ;)

John tossed his supply bag onto the nearest flat surface as he came down the millhouse stairs, scattering the magical sand there…at least he hoped it was magical sand…into a dusty, glittery cloud to settle in all directions as he shuffled past. The contents rattled and clunked, but there was nothing breakable inside and so he wasn’t concerned. The trench coat, damp with the dew of melted snowflakes, was sloughed off and thrown over the back of the sofa, shedding the droplets upon the floor, and the tie around his neck was loosened with one hand so that he could breathe without feeling strangled.

It wasn’t taken off. He never seemed to feel completely dressed without it. Sometimes, however, it felt as much like a noose as it did a piece of his ‘uniform’.

As he scooped up the nearly empty liquor bottle from the cluttered coffee table and pried the cork out with his teeth, he caught the movement in the movement in the mirror above the fireplace and scowled.

“Don’t give me that look, mate,” he growled at Gary Lester’s image there, a living photograph of a friend he had lost long ago. “This isn’t the same. She’s not in hell, she’s just…”

That was the problem. Hell was a place John knew. A horrific, vile place to be sure, but a known quantity. This astral business…that was something else. It could be anything one shaped it to be, anything one imagined it to be. As erratic as he’d always perceived David to be…and with the heavy taint of evil he had felt from that thing reaching through the wall, John knew Tamara could be anywhere. Suffering or not. Dying or not.

And he had no idea how to get her back.

He poked around at the fire to rekindle it, refusing to look up until Gary’s accusing eyes had faded away into nothing but the reflection of the barely lit room, adding another log, before turning back to business once more. He was tired, but this was no time for sleep. What he had seen was too fresh in his head, and he had made a promise…both to Carl, to the family, to her…and to himself, that he would get her home. But he wasn’t doing anything without a drink. A bloody long one that emptied the dregs from the bottle and demanded the opening of another.

It would keep him awake long enough, he hoped. Long enough to find an answer.

Satisfied with the bitter burn of alcohol in his belly and his throat, he pulled a wooden chair around to the desk, pulled down one of his many journals and favorite fountain pen, and began to jot down his experience. His previous thought wasn’t true, he reminded himself with a grunt. Not really. He had a host of ideas of how to get Tamara back. But all of them hinged upon the need to trap that thing…that ‘other’…prevent it from slipping through, blocking the passage, hitching a ride like a tick on a dog to sap the life and power from David…from Tamara…from Carl…from the house.


That word brought his head up and made him stagger out of the chair to pull first one book, then another, and then another from the collection of magical and historical tomes he had accumulated, moving aside trinkets and boxes, swords and bones and his telescope, disturbing the dust that had accumulated around the bases and on the spines of lesser used volumes as he gathered what he hoped he would need. They were stacked on the edge of the desk for study, the need now to understand parasitic demons that might be to blame burning almost as strongly as the booze. With his brain throbbing and buzzing like a motorcycle engine, he sat down again, pushed the whiskey bottle off to one side, and began to read.

He wished Chaz was around. Chaz would have helped. Chaz would have suggested an answer. Even if it had been a wrong one, such a suggestion would have at least jumpstarted John’s brain into another, different direction, something he had never considered before.

But Chaz wasn’t here. John was going to have to do this alone.

There were answers in these pages, in a scroll or folder, journal or manuscript. There had to be. John just had to find them.

And he would…if it killed him.
Jun. 9th, 2018 05:48 pm (UTC)
I used Images Cards 2 & 4 in this one. It's not pictures but I incorporated the words as best I could.

Fandom: DaVinci Code (because Silas wants to play too) no warnings necessary I think...and not really any spoilers

Facts did not cease to exist because they were ignored.

Facts, however, could be twisted, shaded, torn into gradient images of things they had never been meant to be, frayed and splayed open like the skin on his back, on his thigh, until the line between what was fact and what was delusion, what was lie and what was truth, became impossible to know.

Silas knew that. Deep down, in the darkest subverted corners of his soul, he knew it. One truth had been so drilled into him that it had entirely supplanted any previous truth until now, on this lonely stretch of road, hot in his torn, dirty cassock, he had little idea of where he was going, what he was intended to find, or if he had even been sent in this direction with a purpose.

Finding out he was a clone…not even a man…and thus, potentially, lacking a soul…the soul he had believed he was saving in the blind obedience he remembered which had resulted in gunshots…


That had ruined everything. He did not know what he was anymore. Who he was? He remembered betrayal. He remembered pain. He remembered death.

And then he remembered voices and images and an effort to convince him to kill. But he only killed with a purpose. Only for God. This time, he had not known why, had felt no purpose in it, and so he had fled. Drunk on pain and thirst and hunger, without concept of where he was, he had staggered into a city street, beneath the bright, blinding midday sun, a garish billboard in red, white and blue advertising fireworks on a local beach overhead.

After that, everything had blended together into a washout shade of pastel lavender splashed with the stabs of pain.

He had lost the cilice by now, though he wasn’t sure where. The sackcloth texture of his cassock rubbed and stuck to the open wounds on his thigh on his back, but still he walked, and automaton moving where the blistering pavement guided the nearly worn-through soles of his flat leather sandals. A few times cars had stopped, the drivers, the passengers, intending to offer him a ride, to see if he was okay in his staggering, shuffling gate. Usually they had moved on quickly without speaking to him, or maybe they had spoken and he had been unable to hear it. What voices he did recall, beyond those he had escaped from, had been taunts of ‘freak’, ‘nutjob’, ‘psycho’…and other slang terms he had not understood.

Once he had thought the world to be more black and white, good and evil, us and them. Now it only seemed grey.

Too hot. He needed water.

There. A cabin. A barn. Whatever it was…there would be water. Shade from the sun. And maybe a chance to sleep.

Sleep would dull the pain. Sleep would ease the chaos and erase the shadows in his head. Sleep would bring clear-headedness and perhaps restore the recollection of purpose and direction.

It would at least, he believed, allow him to think clearly again in order that he could formulate a plan.

There was no Order here. He was a clone. All of what he knew was gone. The purpose of that life was no more. But he could find a new purpose. He could please God and find favor…and if he did that, maybe he would be given purpose once again.
Jun. 11th, 2018 04:10 am (UTC)
Wow! Congrats on all the words- and so well done. I don't know the franchises, but found something enjoyable in each - liked the dialogue between the characters in the first three; could see Constantine rummaging around; appreciated the intensity in the Da Vinci Code fic.
(no subject) - agdhani - Jun. 11th, 2018 04:45 am (UTC) - Expand
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