sandrasfisher (sandrasfisher) wrote in 1_million_words,

My Reverse/Small/Big Bang Projects Needs Beta Readers

I am posting this for Beta Reader for the stories I am working on. I do hope to get at least a couple of Beta Reader for each of the stories I am working on at this time. Please e-mail me: with the words Beta Reader in the subject line and which Bang you would like to beta read.

Captain America Reverse Big Bang (7,500+ words)
Marvel Big Bang (10,000+ words)
Captain America Big Bang (15,000+ words)
WIP Bang (7,500+ words)
Stucky Big Bang (10,000+ words)
Leonard Snart Big Bang (2,500+ words)
coldflash gift exchange (2,500+ words)
The Flash Big Bang (15,000+ words)
I am also redoing my Charmed Story so if your interested in helping me with this story please let me know
Tags: exclaim: help!

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