Chris (sharpiesgal) wrote in 1_million_words,

Say What Friday

Hello peeps!

We survived another week. Yay us!!

Today is the start of the first official weekend of summer. Yay!

To celebrate this, the quote for the week will be your favorite jingle/company motto.

Example: Walmart's Save Money. Live Better.

Have fun with this.


Big Buddy is watching, so hopefully all the muses are cooperating and allowing multitudes of words to be written.

The monthly challenge is rare pairs. The prompts have been interesting, as well as some of your responses to them. Y'all rock.

We are heading into the final week of the month, so let's crank out those words/graphics and push this month over the 500k mark. H or K will be counting numbers on Thursday, so remember to update your numbers.

Let's go out there and have an awesome weekend.
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