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Monday. So We Meet Again!

Happy Monday from the toasty desert southwest!  Man, time is flying by.  I can’t believe we’re already into May now.  Not a lot happening in this part of the world aside from gearing up for my kid’s graduation at the end of the month.  I can’t believe she’s 18 and getting ready for college.  Wow.  And a belated happy Mother’s Day to all of you whether you’ve birthed minions or have a herd of fur babies because anyone who cares for another helpless creature (and husbands/boyfriends count, haha) deserves to celebrate.


1. Flash Challenge!  Your flash challenge prompt is: shaving.  Give me 100 words or a graphic and I’ll reward you with my undying love and admiration.

2. Last week’s challenges:

246Mea CulpaDay 7QBalladmongerDay 852Day 9VagilityDiscomfitR
Day 10241FeintDay 11Say What x 2Weekend Challenge: Spring & SummerSTreen
Day 12BookloreDay 13

3. Big Buddy 45%!  How are you doing?  Are you on track or woefully behind like I am?

sharpiesgal - 450
cmk418 – 1,800
agdhani – 13,500
candream – 2,250
katleept – 13,950
flipflop_diva – 4,500
thatwasjustadream.dreamwidth.org – 4,500

If you still want to, you can sign up for May here!  Additional note: You can sign up for the Daily Count Challenge here as well.

4. May’s Challenge is in full swing and this month it’s Rare Pairs!  There are some amazing prompts being posted so go check them out!  I’ve listed each individual prompt above and they’re listed as ‘Day 9’ and such.  Now, if I can just figure out a rare pair to work with.  So many of these are enticing me to write my favorite trio.

Let’s kick this week into action and find all the words and graphics that we can!  Shout out and let me know how last week went and what’s in store for you in the coming week!


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May. 14th, 2018 12:01 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised at how resistant the words are being this month. I'm at 1181 so far, which is a big improvement over last week, but still feels so far away from where I should be. I'm starting and stopping and re-starting and writing is hard.

Alright, I'm done with the pity party.

Belated Mother's Day greetings to you! I don't have kids of my own, but I've threatened to go Momma Bear on some folk a time or two, so that may qualify.

Have a great week!
May. 14th, 2018 06:31 pm (UTC)
I hear ya on that. I've written exactly 318 words this month and that's the entirety of this post. Hahaha. And it's all good - vent so we can help move you in a better direction! But we'll get there. If not this month, then June!

Thanks! Haha - that maternal instinct can be strong even when you don't have kids. Protecting/standing up for others seems to be in our blood. :D

Right back atcha - this will be a good week!
May. 14th, 2018 01:08 pm (UTC)
I survived the class presentation...think it went well...so that's something. And I compiled the majority of my study notes for the final.

And I submitted the files for my 3rd book release for technical evaluation, so there's that too.

This week will probably consist of studying for the final...and deciding what my next project is likely to be. Probably another editing one, as the sequel is finally beginning to gel in my head so editing will let me make more notes as I go. But with so many to choose from...who knows. ;)
May. 14th, 2018 06:34 pm (UTC)
Congrats on getting through the presentation! Good luck with your final, too.

Score! That's some serious progress. I hope that it all works out. Awesome to hear that the sequel is coming together for you as well.
May. 14th, 2018 07:06 pm (UTC)
I've got so many projects 'nearly' ready to be published, I don't need to focus on writing any right now...but I've got several I need to write too, so I'm trying to spread my time between them.
May. 14th, 2018 07:08 pm (UTC)
Well... at least you won't be bored, right? :D
May. 14th, 2018 08:22 pm (UTC)
thankfully I am rarely bored :D
May. 14th, 2018 08:46 pm (UTC)
Same, and it's a wonderful thing.
May. 14th, 2018 05:12 pm (UTC)
Happy Moms Day to you, and thank you for including us fur- moms. :) I did give my kitty extra squishes this weekend to celebrate. It's been a joy this past year, seeing her go from being a visibly cautious, recently abandoned (and badly bounced around) kitty to behaving like she really knows she's home.

I had a productive weekend, but unfortunately that didn't involve many words. Not sure how much that the situation will improve this week - I head north to see family in a few, and somehow roped myself into baking cookies before I head there, lol. Oops.

I do want to write a rare pair fic, though! And I liked my weekend challenge prompt a lot, so will aim to use it for the rare pair, somehow. Fingers crossed.
May. 14th, 2018 06:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And hey, I got a card from my daughter's bearded dragon, how could I forget all the fur babies? Aw, that's wonderful! I'm so happy to hear that she's finding her place with you. It's so rewarding to see it happen.

As long as it was productive, I call it a win. There will be time for words later. Enjoy your time with your family and hahaha - oops is right. But COOKIES! :D

Same. I even know the pairing I want to write, but can't figure out a story for them yet. *sigh* SOON! We'll get it done soon!
May. 14th, 2018 05:32 pm (UTC)
SO MUCH has happened in a week.
There is now a trip to your neck of the woods this fall! The hotels are both booked as is the rental car and the flights! And the dog sitter has been lined up!
Next up is booking the show, and saving the spending money! *sigh*

And I do need to find time for words! DAMMIT!
May. 14th, 2018 06:51 pm (UTC)
YES IT DID! And I'm so excited for you!

Ugh on the saving part. That always seems to be the hardest. You can do it though!

Same. They're evading me this month. Hahaha.
(Deleted comment)
May. 30th, 2018 04:00 pm (UTC)
Nice work, congrats!
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