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Weekend Challenge: Road Trip Edition!

Hi, everyone! Sorry this is really late — I'm traveling for work this weekend, which gave me the idea for this weekend's challenge: Road trips!

But because I have to work all day for the next two days and I don't want to keep you all waiting forever for your prompts, we're going to do this a different way. Under the spoiler cut are 14 prompts inspired by the idea of a road trip. If you want to challenge yourself, pick a number before you look. If you want options, take a look and pick one out.

It would be fun if you could comment with your choice if you pick one out, but you don't have to.

Anyone, though, who links 200 words or a graphic by 11:59pm Pacific time on Thursday (May 10) will get either their own drabble or graphic in return or words in their honor in one of my many, many WIPs.

Good luck!

[14 prompts under here!]
1. A secret crush. A long car ride.
2. Bad car karaoke. Too much coffee. 
3. “Give me a few minutes to just catch my breath–NO, no don’t come over here! Also, for the record, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone drive 79 in a 35 mph zone. Who taught you how to drive?”
4. Rent a cabin. Cut their own firewood. 
5. Character A never really stays in one place too long. But then they get a travel companion.
6. Stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.
7. Everyone in an RV. Fighting a wild animal. Snoring. An unexpected romance. 
8. After the apocalypse started, no one was safe.
9. On the run from a past that they can’t leave behind
10. Hitchhiking to an unknown destination.
11. It was supposed to be a road trip. But they’ve somehow travelled back in time.
12. After flipping through the radio stations in their car for a bit, there really isn’t very much to listen to until they hear something through the static that sounds a bit like…screaming. The calls for help grow louder and louder until they stop altogether. Silence fills the car until a voice whispers through the speakers: “…I know you’re listening.” 
13. A night in a crappy motel
14. One bed. Four people.
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