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Weekend Challenge: A La Carte Random Prompt Menu!

Hooray for the weekend! Step right up to the virtual counter, and place your order from the weekend challenge menu!

I googled around and found a page with a bunch of great random item generators on the following topics:

A. Three Random Things
B. Random Movies
C. Random Songs
D. Various Rights-Free images of pretty places

Pick whatever combo you'd like- perhaps you'd prefer three As and a C? Or maybe one D and two Bs would be more to your taste? Let me know, and I'll fire up the prompt grill. Can't decide? Order the tasting menu, and I'll send you two of each.

The deadline to meet the challenge is Noon EDT on Thursday. If you post 200+ words of fic and/or 2 icons or other graphics inspired by any/all of your prompts, then I will gladly prepare an image or written reward for you - just request your reward when you post. If you don't ask for a reward, I'll step up with 100+ words on a wip instead!

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