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Wonderful World of Wednesday

April's Challenges are: WIP Push! and/or Crossovers!. Good Luck to you.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

~ Coco Chanel ~


The path of life often throws surprises at us. Try to not let it keep you down. Grab it by it's neck and use it as fuel for your creations.

**Warning** None.

Do not fear the strange idea rolling around your head. Grab it and roll with it. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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May. 13th, 2018 09:48 pm (UTC)
this scene between characters runs on for awhile...but here's a bit of David being brave enough to think outloud for himself.

Fandom: Legion/Hemlock Grove/The Passing of the Third Floor Back

The thin man nodded again. “Reality is what you…”

“…make it,” David finished with a note of annoyance. He stood up and began a slow circle of the room, his fingers dragging over every appliance, every countertop, as if for the tangible proof that his eyes were not deceiving him. Thinking to himself, he murmured, “Mom used to make waffles here…every Sunday…and after Dad and I came in from stargazing…but it wasn’t white…it was never white…” He glowered at the other man. “You know it wasn’t white. You were there.”

The thin man only watched and said nothing.

“But there are no stars here…” he whispered, lifting the corner of the white door curtains to stare into the blinding white outside. “Nothing to see…only white…and it’s quiet here…the stars aren’t talking now…”

“Because he cannot reach you here. In this one place…this one corner…you are protected. Out there…in the wilderness…”

“You mean all I have to do is come here when he…and I can make it all stop…?”

The other sipped at his tea. “Only if you’re strong. Only if you do not let him in.”

Peter bumped into David’s side and again pawed the door. Though David reached for the handle and jiggled it as if he would open it, the door would not budge, and with the other man’s admonition now reverberating inside of his head, he dropped his hand and resisted trying again.

“I don’t control him. He’s too strong; I can’t.” His shoulders slumped when he sat at the table and toyed with the warm teacup before him. “What is…who…?”

“Another mutant…like you.”

David looked at Tamara with incredulous skepticism but he did not interrupt except to ask, “Like Logan?”

She nodded. “His are physical…yours and Farouk’s are…mental…internal…psychic…”

“So the voices are real…are…people…?”

She let the word yes cross her mind. She was certain he had heard her, but it seemed the thin man said…thought…something as well for David abruptly turned towards him and growled, “You knew all this time and you didn’t…”
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