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Say What Friday

Hello all!

I hope everyone survived Easter and is steadily working through the pile of candy that somehow appeared on your desks.

This week's quote is:

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity."

Harlan Ellison

Remember to check out this month's challenges. They are crossovers and a WIP push.

Let's see if we can crack two million words this month.


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Apr. 7th, 2018 08:41 pm (UTC)
was able to use this in a short ongoing RP bit...
Playing in David Haller's (Legion) head some more...
No spoilers or warnings necessary :)

What truth?

The yelp was like a sharpened blade that punctured through the walls of his captivity and let in a twinkling of lights against a deepening red sheen. The thread he had felt for so long binding about his wrists grew slack. David heard her panicked thoughts as if they were a shout reverberating inside of his skull, their volume a revelation of something intangible he could not see but felt was real, accurate, and terribly important…if only he could untangle it from the creepers and climbers of self-doubt and years of the indoctrinating beliefs from those on the outside who did not know, could not understand the actuality that was David.

‘You are more than a sickness. You are more than a Program. More than a man in a room forced onto a regimen of pills tests meant to mold, shape, and control you. They didn’t control you…and neither can he.’

“He…who?” David turned his head left and right seeking the ‘he’ in question, but he was still alone in the now split darkness. “Who?”

His rational voice went on. ‘Think. Focus. Concentrate. Who are you?’


‘Who are you?’

“David…David Collins…” he repeated with a hint of exasperation. The crack in his prison allowed him the sensation of breathing again, the air fresher then within his coffin enclosure though hot and carrying a hint of something like burning waffles that made his knotted stomach rumble.

‘Wrong. Who are you? Where are you? Think! This is important. She’s running out of time.’

There were two voices, his own…the British version of his own at least…and hers…frightened, strained, alone, speaking in unison, the words slightly different in their dual perspectives and yet the same. Near identical mirrors of one another…


David blinked rapidly at the sudden image reflected back at him, himself…in need of a shave and some sunlight and a good, big meal…but still himself. Fingers to his face, he examined what he was shown, testing the reality, and through it, behind him, the collection of tombs appeared. He turned in surprise, no longer with the sensation of lying trapped in the narrow confines of a hard sided box but rather with his feet upon spongey ground, embraced by the thin red air, the wafting mist.

And she was there, immobile with terror of the laughing thing taking shape before her. David could not tell if she saw him as she stared unblinking at his childhood demon. But there was two words echoing in the chamber of her panic, heavy jagged words that shattered his world as the starlight demon reached one spindly limb for her throat.



The two most common elements in the world collided…hydrogen and potential stupidity. David’s hand shot out through the shattered void as he drew both woman and wolf to his side and the air around them ignited with orange-red flame.
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