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April Challenge: Crossovers!

Welcome to the first April challenge: Crossovers! (There is also another challenge, WIP Push, that will be run simultaneously.)

We're getting started a little late, but don't worry, you will still have a few days more than a month to complete the challenge.

The challenge itself is simple. Create a crossover — either fic or in graphics — between two fandoms. You can do a real crossover, where characters of both fandoms are present in your work (Disney princesses and Harry Potter team up to save the world!) or you can do more of a fusion where one fandom is transported into another (Disney princesses at Hogwarts!).

When you have finished your masterpiece(s), post it to the comm or post a link of it to me here.

If you write at least 500 words, or make at least 5 icons/graphics, you will receive your own reward banner at the end of the month. If you write at least 1,000 words, or make at least 10 icons/graphics, you'll get a personalized reward banner at the end of the month.

You have until May 7 to complete the challenge because I'm traveling for work and won't be home until that night! (As long as it is May 7 anywhere in the world, you will still be on time.)

Throughout the month, I will be making some encouragement posts, where we can brainstorm, cheer each other on and even discuss some our most favorite crossovers ever.

For now, pull up a chair and let us know if you're in — and if you have an idea already, we'd love to hear it. Or if you don't and need help, let us know too!

Happy Crossovering, everyone!
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