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April Challenge: WIP Push!

Welcome to our April Challenge: WIP Push! (We will also be doing a second challenge, Crossovers, at the same time.)

Do you have a fic that is just languishing in your writing folder that you can't ever seem to find time to work on? Do you have a pile of screencaps just waiting to be made into graphics but yet day after day you just pass them by?

Well, this challenge is for you! This month, we're going to work on GETTING OUR SHIT DONE (or at least making really good progress).

Throughout the month, I'll be posting a bunch of encouragement posts, brainstorming posts and even some 60 in 60s that I am stealing from kaige68.

And if, by the end of May 7, you've have successfully finished one of your WIPs (fics or graphics) and posted it to the comm or linked it to me here, you will get an awesome completion banner for your efforts! If you don't quite finish but do make super good progress, you will also get an awesome banner for your efforts!

For now, start digging through those folders and thinking about what you'd like to work on — and if you already know, then why not share? We'd love to hear!
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