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5+1 Entry - BtVS - A New Slayer For A New Time

Title: A New Slayer For A New Time
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: OCs, Giles, Buffy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words: 5 + 1
Warning(s): Character Death
Word Count: 2,191
Date Written: 28 March 2018
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission. The five original Slayers belong to the author and may not be used without permission.

The warrior gave a triumphant cry as she decapitated her foe with a sharpened bone made from her evening meal the night before. Whirling around and swinging her bones, the Slayer severed the heads of two more of the monsters who wore faces like her own but yet were as bloodthirsty as the beasts she had always had to fight to survive. Now there were new beasts, beasts who looked like her and yet were perhaps even more feral than the dinosaurs, and the warrior had little time for the animals anymore except for when she was hungry.

She turned slowly, looking for more enemies to fight and to kill, but none rushed her. She was just beginning to allow herself to relax when a hungry roar echoed through the night. The worst beast of all the dinosaurs was hungry, but the Slayer had no time to run as his head came over her body and cut her heroic life suddenly, viciously short.


The Slayer froze and plastered herself against the wall of her home. She had taken great pains to sneak out this night, having been informed of a growing rebellion of vicious bloodsuckers the night before by the last Vampire she had dusted. Now her heart hammered in her ears like cannonfire, and yet it had nothing to do with the nest of Vampires she intended to slay this night and everything to do with the very human man who, for some reason she could not fathom, was laughing in the alley beside their home.

When she heard gay, female laughter and the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stood up on end in warning, she finally withdrew from hiding. She darted around the corner in a rush, not even realizing what was happening before her, and cried out, “Papa! What are you doing?!”

But her father was not kissing a concubine. His body slumped to the ground below the blonde Vampiress who looked up at her, licking his blood from her big, bright red lips. “What you could have perhaps prevented from happening if you had been more a loyal daughter, or perhaps it was that you were too busy playing the doting daughter to see what was happening all around you. We weren’t going to wait for you to come to us, dear girl. You’re far too new at all this.”

The Vampiress waved her hand in the air as she strode boldly toward the Slayer. Then she slammed her hand downward through the hot, evening air. “Take her, boys, but leave that delicious bite for me.”

She tried to fight. She did, but through her tears and horror, not to mention her inexperience for she’d only been slaying these creatures for a fortnight, the Vampires swiftly had her firmly in their grasp. “You monster,” she gasped at the Vampiress as the creature’s fangs slid out right next to her throat.

“Of course,” Darla smiled as she took the thirteen year-old girl’s life.


The soldier was still breathing hard as she forced herself to her feet, wiped the sweat and blood from her brow, and looked around her. The night was full of enemies, but there were the enemies the other soldiers could kill and the ones only she seemed capable of stopping. Four of those now lay at her feet.

“Soldier, General Washington wants you.”

She jumped at the surprising sound of her commanding officer and his sudden proximity. She had not heard his approach, and usually she could hear soldiers marching for miles. It was one of the things that kept her awake no matter how exhausted she was while all her other companions slept fitfully.

“Commander, I -- “ she started, painfully aware of how she now looked, especially with beasts wearing the patriot colors dead at her feet.

He held out a hand to stop her explanation. “There’s no need, soldier. We were aware of them but had not yet found a way to stop them. We are also aware of you, young lady, and all you have done for this new country.” He swept his hand low in a bowing gesture. “That is why General Washington is waiting to thank you personally.”

She beamed with pride. “Thank you, sir,” she said, ducking her head respectfully and almost curtsying before him. Old habits were, after all, hard to stop, and perhaps pride was the hardest, and deadliest, of all. She failed to consider that, however, as she walked past her commanding officer, relief that she no longer had to hide neither the extra duties she was performing or her true gender and pride at the coming respect and honor that were to be shown her. She never saw the attack coming as her commander grabbed her from behind and swiftly sank his fangs into her neck.


“Is this what you’ve been doin’ out here all night every night? Is this why Momma says she has to keep mendin’ your clothes every night an’ they keep comin’ up disappearin’ or covered with blood? Yoah folks are real worried about you, ma’am. You know that, right?”

“What Ah know,” the Slayer retorted haughtily, drawing herself up to her full height and forcing herself to look down her nose at the dark-skinned girl with whom she’d once played for hours, “is that you are puttin’ yoah nose where it doesn’t belong. You need to mind yoah own business, missy, or you might find yoahself shipped off to anothah plantation.”

There was something different about her former friend’s voice as she demanded, “Are you threatening me now?” The accent was still there, although they didn’t really hear it, having lived in the deep South their whole lives. Southern accents were normal to them; it was when someone spoke differently that they instantly became aware they could be speaking to a Yankee spy.

She lifted a lace-clad shoulder. “Ah’m simply statin’ facts. You make things hard for me to do what Ah need to be doin’, an’ Ah may just have to say somethin’ to dear Daddy ‘bout how Ah can’t stand th’ looks o’ you anymore.”

To her surprise, the other girl smiled. It was a slow smile that somehow seemed to stretch her lips and simultaneously make them thinner than Annabelle had ever seen them. “That makes two o’ us. You know those relatives we had come visit recently from Louisiana?”

“Yeah.” The girl who was supposed to be so prim and proper snorted in derision. “Only mah Daddy would let his slaves have visitors on our plantation, not to mention give y’all extra food to make sure nobody went hungry.”

“Your daddy’s always been good to us,” the young slave acknowledged, “but you’ve changed in th’ last few months. Ah’ve changed too. Mah real friends saw to that. Funny,” she commented nonchalantly as her fangs appeared in the moonlight, “how things might’ve been so different if you’d just been mah friend, Belle. You used to be, you know -- “

“Vampire!” Annabelle cried, realizing what had happened. She pulled two stakes from the holsters hidden underneath her huge skirt. “They turned you into a Vampire!”

“Least they did somethin’ to help me help mahself. You sure nevah did. Always thinkin’ you’re so much bettah than th’ rest o’ us.”

“Ah didn’t think Ah was better’n you!” Annabelle declared, falling back as her former friend circled her. “Ah just didn’t want you . . . you to get involved wit’ all this!” Stakes still clutched in her hands, she waved one hand in the air as though she could emphasize the endless struggle between Vampires and Slayers. “Ah wanted to protect you!” she cried as her friend snatched her.

“Ah can protect mahself now,” she said, sinking her fangs into the Slayer’s pretty, little neck. Annabelle dropped her stakes, and her body went limp in her friend’s arms.


“This is the coolest song, isn’t it?” the teenage girl said, watching the multicolored, disco lights swirling all around them.

“It sure is,” one of her friends agreed. “See what you’ve been missing by not hanging out with us?”

“I’m sorry I never have time for you guys any more,” the first apologized, feeling a twinge of guilt. “I just . . . I never even have time for myself any more.”

“Your momma says you’re never home anymore.”

“I’m not. I’m sorry. I just . . . “ She sighed. How could she tell her best friends since childhood that she was suddenly having to fight monsters every night of her life, or that she’d saved them both just a few nights prior from an attack they’d never seen coming by creatures which they didn’t even believe existed?

“Come back to us,” the first boy she’d ever kissed whispered just loud enough to be heard over the beat of the music. He reached out and took hold of her hand.

“Yeah,” added the friend who she hadn’t been able to wait to tell she’d finally kissed Jonah, or any other guy the first time she’d kissed them. “We miss you.” She touched her wrist gently, but then suddenly gripped it.

“What?” The room had been spinning all evening, but now suddenly, what she was seeing in the disco lights didn’t make sense. Screams erupted throughout the party, and somewhere she could hear a Vampire laughing. She recognized that laugh. She’d heard it before. It belonged to a blonde Vampire in a trench coat, the one Vampire who had escaped her so far.

But she couldn’t focus on that Vampire, because now Jonah and Lizzie were leaning down on top of her and both had fangs protruding from their smiling faces. “Come back to us,” they whispered again, this time in unison, and both sucked her neck as, elsewhere on the disco floor, Spike waggled his eyebrows at his partner dressed all in black and blood red lace.

“Now this is a party!” he exclaimed and spun Dru around while nibbling the neck one of their many childes held out for them.


Giles sighed and rubbed his tired eyes again before placing his spectacles back onto the bridge of his nose. Walking out from his office with a fresh cup of tea, he stopped in his tracks as he took in the sight of his Slayer and her two loyal friends. The redhead had been the last to finally allow her face to hit the book.

Giles shook his head, checked his watch, and thought to himself that he would allow them a little nap before waking them to send them home. Buffy would argue with him this time, although she often didn’t. If she’d had a party or some other so-called teen emergency to dash off to, she probably wouldn’t be here now.

That was unfair, Giles thought, stopping and bringing himself up abruptly. She had been altogether different since Angel had returned to Angelus. She was taking this seriously and doing all she could to protect them, and her friends . . . He let himself smile as he looked at Willow and Xander. They, in turn, were doing everything they could both to help her keep going instead of falling into a pit of utter despair and to find a way not to kill the creature she’d shagged but to save him instead.

It would be nice if he could be saved, but Giles had little hope of that happening. He allowed himself to sink into a nearby chair. Everything about this entire situation went completely against the bloody handbook and everything he’d ever been taught. Slouched beside him, Buffy trembled in her sleep. Giles silently sat down his tea and stroked his Slayer’s rigid back. She would get through this, he thought, looking around the table. They would all get her through this.

Every Slayer before had always lived a short life, but for the first time, Giles considered that maybe his would be different in that regard as well. Maybe the people sitting at this very table would make her end different. Maybe they’d make her life different. Maybe, together, they would always save her.

Well, perhaps not always. Mortal friends working together with a Slayer, a Slayer actually living a long life or any kind of a lengthy life, especially one that included loved ones, a Slayer loving a Vampire, a Vampire with a soul . . . It was all unheard of, but mankind was making new firsts every day. Perhaps she could change history. Perhaps she could change the future. Perhaps they could save Angel, but even if they didn’t, together, they would save her.

Buffy mumbled something in her sleep. Giles stroked her blonde hair until she finally calmed again, his touch far more that of a father than a teacher. Yawning himself as he at last withdrew his hand, he took another gulp of hot tea and resumed the research himself. Whatever happened, Buffy would never be alone. She would make it better and longer than the other Slayers -- she’d already made it further than many of them --, and they would be here to watch over her and help her every step of the way. Despite himself, Giles was beginning to like that idea.

The End
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