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Bingo Banner Rewards!

Hey everyone - it's a miracle! I made three bingo banner rewards this morning! WOOT!

I've only made them for the people who asked for them in my last Bingo post, but if you completed a bingo and would like one too, there is still time! Just comment here with what you achieved and I will happily make you a banner just like these!

Store them where you will, display them with pride (if you wish!). I hope you like 'em, anyway! (and apologies for using the same pic as last time; I hope it's different enough not to be a worry, but in all honesty I completely forgot I'd used that pic before... *knocks brain over the head with remembering stick* If only that damned thing worked...)

And may there be many more bingos to come (next one is in June, run by the ever-wondrous Dreamy!). ;-)
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: bingo, creation: image

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