Umai Hoshi (fairyniamh) wrote in 1_million_words,
Umai Hoshi

Weekend Challenge: Themes

Welcome to the Weekend Challenge, this Week is centered around Themes (Sorry, I did not pay attention to the Holiday when I made this challenge… last year. XD)

I have picked out 30 Places/Settings (there are no cities/States/Countries) and 30 Events. Give me a number (or Numbers) in one or Both of the categories.

Really laid-back challenge. Give me as many words as you can. All I can offer is writing more. I am so far behind this year.

This challenge end: Midnight (your time) 22/03/2018 Maybe this will help you with This Month's 5 + 1 Challenge begin.

Ready, Set, Go!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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