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Lady Tamara

I've had a few people here we go

After working in this series for WAY too long, I finally have published book 1 of the Kestrel Harper Saga. It's available for pre-order now, and will be available for sale on April. 5th. I finally stopped procrastinating, stopped finding excuses...and just did it.
Book 2 will be up in June, though for some reason it is showing up now, lol.

It's a fantasy series...not sure how many books least six so far. You can see a bit more about it at

It's scary as heck put my baby out there. But I'm also a little relieved to have taken the step after so long. And I really can't describe the difference in feeling of being a 'writer' versus an something being a story versus it being a book.'s the Amazon link too :)

And thank you to this community for keeping me writing :)
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