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And that's a wrap for Feb Bingo!

Wow, you guys are so great! There were some awesome entries in last month's Bingo challenge!

If you managed to fill even one prompt, you did better than I did, though I did manage to create the four rewards banners for last October's Bingo that I had hoped to do!

I'm up for rewards again, so if you have already linked your Bingo creation/s to the comm either via your own entry or linked to a Bingo challenge entry, you will get one if you want one!

Please comment here if you do want a reward banner, and just remind me (you don't need to link again if you already did) what you achieved so I can make the appropriate banner! if you did something but have not yet added or linked it to the comm in some way, please link it here and let me know if you too would like a reward banner!

Once again, FANTASTIC WORK everyone - you are all fabulous!!! ;-)
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: bingo
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