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March Challenge: 5+1

Hey everyone! It's Hiddles - aka Danielle- and I say a hearty Welcome to MARCH 2018!

This month we are doing the 5+1 Challenge! I have created 30 5+1 prompts that are pretty generic, so use them or edit them as you please, or come up with your own! I am not picky :)

Instructions stolen from past years of 5+1 challenges:

Below the cut are 30 Five + One prompts which I have either thought up myself or stolen ideas from various places. I have taken out the identifying information (character names, fandoms, information specific to fandom/character.)

NOW you get to claim one of the prompts. Post a comment with the prompt number you are claiming as your very own. Include as much or as little information as you want - the fandom, the characters, no info at all except the prompt number. If you want two prompts, claim them both. If none of the prompts floats your creative boat, let me know. I will try to come up with one that works for you. OR you can make up your own prompt. More than one person can claim the same prompt as well.

SO - claim your prompt(s). Write!!! Create graphics!!!!! Post by March 31. Be rewarded! I am not putting any word counts or graphic limits on, create as much as you can!

Rewards will probably be from me, so we will deal with that April 1st! ;)

1. Five times they died, and one time they lived

2. Five times they cried, and one time they didn't

3. Five times they broke up, and one time they kind of stayed together

4. Five times they broke the bank, and one time they had more important things to break

5. Five times they kissed a girl, and one time they kissed a cat

6. Five times the cat ate my homework, and one time the fish ate it.

7. Five times ____ spoke another language, and one time _____ spoke my language.

8. Five times _____ broke a bone, and one time _____ broke my heart

9. Five times she danced with another guy, and one time she danced with me

10. Five times _____ left the country on a spy mission, and one time _____ came back to spy on ____

11. Five times _____ went to therapy, and one time _____ went to the psychiatric ward

12. Five times _____ dove for treasure, and one time dove to save _____

13. Five times _____ read the letter, and one time ____ wrote the letter

14. Five times _____ came to visit ____ in the hospital, and one time _____ put ____ in the hospital.

15. Five times _____ swore to get a tattoo on their bum, and one time _____ actually followed through

16. Five times the day played out in _____ mind, and one time the day actually happened

17. Five times ____ flirted terribly with ____, and the one time ____ did the job for them.

18. Five rules ____ demanded be followed, and the one rule ____ couldn't follow

19. Five interviews that went terribly wrong, and the one interview that finally went right

20. The five girls sent to woo the prince, but only the one could actually do it

21. Five times ____ drank or ate poison, and the one time _____ drank or ate the poison for ____

22. Five times _____ hid something from _____, and the one time _____ hid something from _____.

23. Five times ______ assumes you are _____, and the one time _____ assumes you are actually you.

24. Five times _____ looks out for _____, and the one time ____ looks out for ____.

25. Five times _____ suicidal tendencies got the best of them, and the one time they didn't.

26. Five times _____ asks you out and you refuse, and the one time you ask _____ out and they accept.

27. Fives times _____ wishes for a happy ending, and the one time ____ gets the happy ending

28. Five times _____ abuses drugs, and one time _____ abuses drugs

29. Five times _____ got ____ flowers, and the one time _____ returns the favor

30. Five times ____ takes a bullet for _____, and the one time ____ doesn't need to.

If you need anything, send me a message or comment here. I don't bite! (Much!)

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