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Rewards for October 2017 bingo...

...only 4 months late!

I finally got my act together and made these suckers! I'm sure you know who you are, but for those of you who filled a line or got a blackout in Oct 2017,

here are your rewards! It's up to you what you do with them, but I hope you like 'em!

I'm sorry they're so late, and I'm also sorry if I promised you anything more fancy, and/or an icon as well, but time kept getting away on me so I think that this is better than nothing, and I hope you agree! Congrats to all of you for making your blackouts, or in the case of Amy, your line! YOU DID A GREAT JOB! ;-)

And there you have it! With any luck, I'll be a bit faster getting your rewards banners done for Feb 2018 bingo! Now I need to go find a good bingo pic to use!

Don't forget you still have a few days to link your fics before this month's challenge is over! *heads off to Google*

Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: bingo

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