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Awesome Monday!

awesome Monday.jpg

Here we go! It's another Monday, so it's another chance to be AWESOME, right?

It's my first time on the schedule for Mondays, so bear with me while I find my feet! As I am ahead of most of you timewise, I have the luxury of looking back at today's achievements and deciding on how Tuesday to Sunday are going to look, as I've decided it's easiest to post so most people will see it first thing on Monday for them.

So how did my Monday go, you ask? Well, after a very wet weekend, I woke up to warm temperatures and 99% humidity... phew! Let me just say how grateful I was for the air-conditioning at work when I arrived, which is not how I normally feel as a/c tends to screw with my sinuses, but there you go; it's all relative! I managed to get quite a bit done at work today, so I feel good about that, but so far have done no writing, apart from a post in my own journal (half of which I wrote last Friday, I must admit).

For the rest of this week though, I'm hoping to get back to some words! We had a new member of our household arrive a little over a week ago - a Golden Retriever puppy called Remus - and things seem to have been pretty chaotic since! But I am slowly getting back on track - I think - and my daughter, who belongs to the puppy(!), is getting him into something of a routine in preparation for her own return to university after the summer break here in NZ. She has two weeks to have everything sorted... am I hoping too much? *bites lip*

Now it's your turn, so tell me what wonderful things are you looking forward to in the next week? Is it going to be all about the words? Or are other things happening that you can share with us?

Here are the reminders and other things you need to help kick you off for the week:

1 – FLASH CHALLENGE – Your amazing Monday prompt is - NEW PUPPY! Give me 100 words or a graphic for the fabulous sake of saying you’ve done it!

2 – Reminder of last week’s challenges:

BINGO cards are here - WotD Enfant Terrible - F - WotD Patrician - WWoW
WotD Heartsome - 203 - WotD Paralipsis - WC Valentine's Day - Say What
WotD Horsefeathers - WotD Abbreviate - WotD Nonviolence - Bingo Check-in

And 3 – Big Buddy 43% - Are you all on schedule?
agdhani - 12,900
simplyn2deep - 2,190
asphaltcowgrrl - 6,450
severina2001 - 6,450
craterdweller - 1,290
thatwasjustadream.dreamwidth.org – 12,900
cmk418 - 2,190
katleept - 18,060
fairyniamh - 1,204
flipflop_diva - 6,020
csichick_2 - 5,208
chokolattejedi - 21,500

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