craterdweller (craterdweller) wrote in 1_million_words,

Sunday Word Wars

It's my turn on the daily count challenge :) There are lots of fantastic bingo opportunities, not to mention the weekend challenge, or whatever else is on your plate. Me, I'm going to work on adding a chapter to a Stargate AU that started as a one-shot and is now in its 7th chapter. Hoping I can wrap it up in the next chapter or two ...

Round 1: 11:00 am Pacific (7 pm UTC) to 11:25 am
Round 2: 11:35 am Pacific (7:35 pm UTC) to 12:00 pm
Round 3: 12:10 pm Pacific (8:10 pm UTC) to 12:35 pm
Round 4: 12:45 pm Pacific (8:45 pm UTC) to 1:10 pm
Tags: challenge: word race
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