craterdweller (craterdweller) wrote in 1_million_words,

Weekend Word wars anyone?

Who's up for some weekend word wars? I've got a chocolate box exchange story to revise and Feb bingo always gives me lots of stuff to work on so I'm ready to knock out some serious word counts.

I'm open for suggestions of day(s) and time. I'm an early riser, which unfortunately means I'm pretty much done for by the evening, but Saturdays I can manage to stay up a little later.

For first timers, my usual gig is to host 4 rounds of 25 minutes each with a 10 minute break between rounds. Stay for one round or all four -- it's all good :)

Here's a handy link to convert my timezone U.S. Pacific time (PST) to your local time. (UTC stands for coordinated universal time)

I'm willing to start the first round:
Sat Feb 3: 6am PST (14:00 UTC) until 8pm PST (04:00 UTC Feb 4)
Sun Feb 4: 8am PST (16:00 UTC) until 5pm PST (01:00 UTC Feb 5)

Drop me a comment with what times you're available.
Tags: challenge: word race

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