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Daily Count Challenge: to EVERYONE!

Hey everyone, it's the 1st Feb where I am and I was VERY slack after erinm_4600 passed things on to me on the 29th, so I did not get any words until this morniing when I managed 767! WOOT! Anyhew, since it's still the 31st to many of you, I am charging all of you who are able to get words done in the remainder of your 31st to do so! Don't worry if they are not postable words and you won't get any additional added to January's count, just add words to something you're working on! Go, go, go!

And simplyn2deep, if you are reading this - sorry neither K nor I answered your email questions about the DCC yet, but please go ahead and set up some dates for February from this post. You can remind weekly if you want, but just doing one monthly post is fine, and whomever runs the Monday 'awesome post' can remind us all to check the schedule too. THANKS! (sorry this is here and not in an email, but I have to go out and wanted to make sure the next month's schedule is up asap!)

And if anyone else wants in on the daily count challenge, please use the link above and jump in quickly before Liz sets up the schedule! ;-)
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