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Give it a Whirl Day 26


Today's style prompt

Social Media posts

Use twitter posts, FB status changes, Youtube comments - 100 words or a 1 graphic story. Who's got this?


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Jan. 26th, 2018 01:39 pm (UTC)
I'm so far behind with this challenge BUT I have so much fun doing Twitter fights between two of my boys. I'm going to have to make time for this one today!
Jan. 28th, 2018 07:20 pm (UTC)
included a twitter post...because it made a good opening line :)

(no spoilers or warnings...involves Bakuto and Madame Gao from Defenders)

It is time. #whereareyou

Bakuto stared at the screen. Of those on the council, he considered himself the most advanced, the most modern, the most progressive. Gao was certainly none of those things, mired as she was in the old ways of her homeland, the centuries of tradition that she kept wrapped around herself. Oh she took advantage of modern business alright…to an extent. But new technology? Not so much. Twitter? Definitely not.

Though he did not recognize the user Hgh5Hnd, he knew it was her. Or one of her agents.

It had to be.

Who else would have sent anything so intentionally cryptic.

It had taken him week to recover from the injuries sustained on that bridge, in the fall from it, and those gained in his efforts to get to safety. Without the substance, healing took longer than he liked, but at least he was still alive. It had taken just as long to feel confident that he had shaken his tail. Maybe that Highlander had met his demise in that fall too.

Either way, the time had come to return to Havensport and get back to business. He didn’t need Gao to tell him that.

He was already in town, standing on the docks, breathing the stench of sea salt, dead fish and mechanical fuel, along with the exhaust from the black SUV with the dark windows that waited for him. The ship he had come on was already pulling away from the dock.

“Vasco Biotech,” he said to the older, burly driver with the bristly salt and pepper mustache and scar running from his ear down the side of his neck.

Bakuto wondered at the nature, the source of that scar…but he did not ask. He had other matters business today. Socializing with the help wasn’t one of them.
Jan. 29th, 2018 08:59 pm (UTC)
DOH... helps if I actually reply TO YOU. :D

Nice job! Very intriguing, too.
Jan. 29th, 2018 09:32 pm (UTC)
Well... so I made Zayne an Instagram profile page. HAAAAAH.

You can find it on my journal here.
Jan. 29th, 2018 09:33 pm (UTC)
HAHAHA!!! Excellent!
Jan. 29th, 2018 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D
Jan. 31st, 2018 02:36 pm (UTC)
I know this probably wasn't what you were expecting with this challenge, but it's the first one of these when, upon looking at them all again, popped something into my mind.

Changing Status, The Magnificent Seven, modern!AU, Chris/Vin + Ensemble, 923 words, PG/K+
Jan. 31st, 2018 08:19 pm (UTC)
You did excellent!
Feb. 1st, 2018 07:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you! =)
Feb. 5th, 2018 11:20 pm (UTC)
@BenTheOnly (418 words) by ChokolatteJedi
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Ben Solo | Kylo Ren
Additional Tags: Community: 1-million-words, Pre-Canon, Social Media, Embedded Images
Summary: Because we all know Ben/Kylo is a whiny emo kid on Twitter.
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