craterdweller (craterdweller) wrote in 1_million_words,

Sunday Word Wars

What's everyone working on today?

I'm working on writing a few missing scenes from my 2015 NaNo manuscript. I didn't get very far in the revision process last year, but I had identified a few gap areas in my first draft that needed fleshing out. I'd like to get a finished first draft uploaded to Fictionary so I can give their big picture editing tool a try. They have a one month free trial from Jan 18 to Feb 18 (click on the finish my novel contest)

Round 1: 7:00 am Pacific (15:00 UTC) - 7:25 am Pacific (15:25 UTC)

Round 2: 7:35 am Pacific (15:35 UTC) - 8:00 am Pacific (16:00 UTC)

Round 3: 8:10 am Pacific (16:10 UTC) - 8:35 am Pacific (16:35 UTC)

Round 4: 8:45 am Pacific (16:45 UTC) - 9:10 am Pacific (17:10 UTC)

We are going to crush totally crushed this!

Dreamy: 1187 words
cmk418: 595 words
severina2001: 2120 words
guineamania: 740 words
flyingharmony: 748 words
craterdweller: 1571 words
Total words: 6961 words
Tags: challenge: word race
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