a geek in such the wrong way (haldoor) wrote in 1_million_words,
a geek in such the wrong way

Weekend Challenge!

Here we are again on another bright & sunny summer day in NZ, rip-roaring and ready to go! I hope the weather isn't too dreary and cold for those of you in northern parts of the world!

As I am off to the art gallery this morning to see some Renaissance art, today's challenge will be all about culture! I will give you a one world prompt based on art and culture!  Do what you will with it, but aim for more than 200 words or 2 icons or more, and post or link to it here by Thursday 18th Jan, and I will reward you with a drabble, an icon or 100 words in a WIP!

Comment here and  as I can, I will prompt you! Tell me if you want one word or more, bearing in mind I will be finding these as I go through my day!

Tags: creation: fic, creation: image, weekend: challenge
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