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Now if you saw my last post you would know we missed the challenge last weekend and that we're kicking off the next one a few days early!

So here it is! I'm putting up some 'remembered' and 'forgotten' prompts here for everyone to look at and hopefully be inspired by, rather than getting you to comment  asking for one, as I may be a bit random in my attentions this week.

Should you choose to create something based on one (or more!) of the prompts, please link it back to this post by midday Sunday 31st PST, and the words will be in the count for 2017.  I will make you an icon or do a drabble in the fandom of your choice, as soon after that time as I can, as your reward!  Yes, the time does end a little sooner on Sunday than usual, but this is in order to give me time to get your reward in for the 2017 count too.

- Forgot what they said yesterday
- Forgot themselves and blurted out words they wished they hadn't
- Forgot why they came here
- Forgot the name of the person in bed with them the morning after
- Forgot to lock the door
- Forgot who's turn it is

- Remembered what happened last night
- Remembered to bring back the book they borrowed last year
- Remembered what food someone loves
- Remembered someone's favourite song
- Remembered the movie they saw that actor in
- Remembered why they're not allowed to speak first

Number of words or graphics does not matter. Fandom can be whichever you choose, or something original. If it's part of something more that you intend to finish later or is just an excerpt of something you're currently working on, that's fine.

The point if the exercise is just to create something to boost our count before the year ends. At the end of November we had a little over 5 million words counted, so what would be really cool would be to see us hit 6 million by the end of the month.

It's  a lot, but we've done it before, so let's pull out all the stops! Take every opportunity you have and get those words in!   We had SoJ and we had Advent and I know they will have boosted our numbers already, so along with the 12 Days of WIPness, use this last weekend challenge to do your best! Also, don't forget that any of the  Word of the Day prompts or anything in the weekly inspirational prompts are also up for you to use.

So come on down... who's  with me? WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!!! ;-)


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Dec. 26th, 2017 11:54 am (UTC)
The point if the exercise is just to create something to boost our count before the year ends. At the end of November we had a little over 5 million words counted, so what would be really cool would be to see us hit 6 million by the end of the month.

There were a few graphics in November. Sorry for not adding them. It was too stressful before going on vacation.

I have some words to write for other Challenges. So there will also be words from me. :o)
Dec. 26th, 2017 11:20 pm (UTC)
No worries! Just make sure you update a final total for everything you're created both in words and in graphics for 2017 in the appropriate places and we'll do a total count for the year from scratch to make sure we got everything!
Dec. 26th, 2017 11:41 pm (UTC)
I've done 2 bits in my WIP for this prompt:

The window in his room was broken, a branch from the tree outside caught in the dismembered glass, bringing with it a remembrance of what he had believed to be gunfire, the sound which had sent him into the night to Torben’s door. He felt foolish now, that the tox-induced paranoia had led him to think he was somehow worth the expense of a rare bullet when there were easier ways, cheaper ways, to accomplish his death if that was someone’s goal. A hammer, some nails, and a hemp towel left where it had fallen after his last bath, would serve to block out most of the chilling wind until the window could be properly fixed. It did not occur to him, as he pounded the first two spikes into the plaster wall, that the noise of it would attract the attention of anyone at this hour of the night. Donn had switched rooms, after all, to a larger suite befitting a man and his wife, and with Jonni gone, there was only Quentin who might be disturbed.
Nik gave that man no thought at all…until he paused to rub his thumb absently over the jagged edge of broken glass. A single knock and the door opened, and Nik, in his surprise and the lingering edges of paranoia, turned quickly to see who had come to kill him.
He had forgotten to lock the door. He expected it to be Quentin.
The sting across his thumb and the smear of red it left behind on the glass went unnoticed.
“Thought you were dead too!” Donn exclaimed, barging across the room to clutch his twin against him.
Dec. 26th, 2017 11:42 pm (UTC)
and also:
Her nearness gave him a better view of the bruise on her cheek, jaw and ear. “He did that…” It was meant to be a question, although it was one he had not intended to ask aloud, but it came out as an acknowledgement of the sort of man Donn Channon was. Remembering their brief exchange last night, he guessed now that Donn had seen him leaning near to Oasis’ ear to utter what had been a warning for her to stay out of his affairs if she was going to seek him out every time Donn had a suspicion or a question. The gesture had been misinterpreted, and now, seeing what Channon had done to his bride, Thom had a change of heart.
Maybe her coming to him was not at her husband’s bidding after all…else there would be no reason for him to lash out at first Oasis and then Thom.
Maybe, he mused with a short look into her eyes, her concern, her questions, were sincere and meant out of worry for him.
He regretted the harshness with which he had treated her.
Dec. 27th, 2017 12:31 am (UTC)
Oooh, these are great! Fantastic use of the prompt, and loving your use of language here. ;-)

Now what can I icon or drabble for you?
Jan. 15th, 2018 01:41 am (UTC)
I kept debating with myself...and since I can't decide...add some words to your WIP and call it good ;)
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